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Miraculous person in business——Zhao Ronglin
---The story of Zhao Ronglin, the chairman, general manager of Jiangsu Jinma Grease S&T Development Co., Ltd.

The big waves are scouring the sand, the fire is really golden, and society has become a big stage. Every day there are singing and weeping dramas, some generous singing, some chanting, some hurriedly going, and some of the mainstay.

He is no longer young, 60 years old, full of vitality, and more energetic than young people; he has been cut off four-fifths of his stomach, and he is not a national civil servant. He must not be in the "business sea" of Yanbo. In the middle, one blow is quick; he creates a leading enterprise, three big steps in three years, and nearly 60 million yuan in taxes for the country. He is Zhao Ronglin, chairman and general manager of Jiangsu Jinma Grease Technology Development Co., Ltd.

"Xiahai" started a business, he sailed through the waves, creating an extraordinary speed of running a business

After Zhao Ronglin joined the work, he has been working in the transportation department. He loves his work, diligence, conscientiousness, and strict law enforcement. During his tenure as the director of the traffic control agency, he made a remote place on the verge of the Yellow Sea and far away from the county town a few years ago. The city's advanced unit, he himself was also rated as an excellent traffic controller and excellent Communist Party member.

However, he did not lie on the credit book. In order to reflect the value of life, he determined to "go to sea" to start a business. He went to Xinjiang and went to Hebei, Hunan and other places to operate the acidified oil processing business. After all the hardships, he achieved the "first Barrel of gold". "The outside world is very exciting. If you can do a career in your hometown, you will not only return your hometown's thoughts on my upbringing, but also promote the local economic development." This is his idea and his true portrayal.

In December 2002, he decided to develop a new refined fatty acid production line project in Linhai Town where he was raised. On December 8, 2002, Zhao Ronglin led the members of the preparation team, struggling with a pickaxe, struck the gongs and drums of the company's construction foundation, and played the ideal notes. The company officially broke ground.

"Time is money and speed is benefit." Zhao Ronglin and the construction team demanded unconventional civil engineering. He and the members of the construction team insisted on beating on the construction site every day and night, both as a commander and a constructor. In order to grab time and compete for speed, food was not enough, and night battles with lanterns were picked. It took only June to build a brand new factory building on the ground of Sheyang. Installation and commissioning operation, only 6 months from civil construction to product discharge, one-time installation and commissioning, one-time product qualified discharge, achieved the gratifying results of the input, output and income of the year, which embodies Zhao Ronglin’s hard work .

Talent is the life of an enterprise, he is the only way to do it, giving priority to laid-off workers and redundant labor

In an era of increasingly competitive market economy, the key to survival and development of an enterprise is talent. In order to introduce talents, manage talents, and give full play to the role of talents, he adopted a set of "three bags (units)" management measures in a unique way.

Grasp the "head" well. Zhao Ronglin deeply understands that it is more important to introduce talents to bring in talents, to solve problems for them from all aspects, so that they can truly feel the warmth of the enterprise. In order to build a "home" feel, the company built spacious and comfortable dormitories, built a bathhouse, and added necessary spare-life facilities such as closed-circuit television and certain sports facilities. In terms of recruiting employees, it consciously recruits laid-off workers and nearby rural affluent labor. There are currently more than 120 companies in the company, all of which recruit laid-off workers and rural affluent labor. Usually, employees have special difficulties, such as illness, marriage and funeral. According to personal needs, the company gives full support, and this item will cost tens of thousands of yuan throughout the year.

Set up the "stage". The family has sycamore trees and recruited Phoenix. He boldly used scientific and technological talents to let them fully display their talents in their respective positions. The stage is as big as the energy.

Hold the "pocket" firmly. It has formulated a series of reward policies for employees, especially scientific and technological personnel, to increase their income year by year, prompt them to work harder, and promote the rapid development of the enterprise.

considerable income, superior environment, and abundant welfare have kept the hearts of employees and united the strength of employees. This also truly reflects what Zhao Ronglin often said: "The first thing to govern the Secretary is the people's heart, and the first thing to benefit is the joint force."

Insisting on internal control and external attack, he is on the chessboard of fine chemicals, which is constantly changing

Zhao Ronglin has been calmly thinking about a problem since the day when the company was established: the market is the fertile ground for the company, and the market is the true "God" of the company. If the quality of the products is to be higher, it is necessary to focus on internal quality management. In order to occupy a place in the turbulent commercial sea, we must do a good job in external management.

In internal management, he promoted the quality management system, and passed the ISO9001:200 quality system certification in December 2005. From the purchase of raw materials to all stages of the production line, from the inspection of finished product quality, storage to market services, we must strengthen the scientific standardization of the market. In the company, a set of competitive incentive mechanism of "cadres can go up and down, income can be more and less, employees can enter and exit" is formed, and a vivid situation in which pressure and motivation are simultaneously developed in the company.

In the external management, Zhao Ronglin has his own way of management. Based on credibility, quality first, treat each other with integrity, fair prices, reduce energy consumption, reduce expenditures and increase production, through a series of measures to increase production and achieve the goal of annual sales growth, is expected to reach 3 in 2016 The output value of 100 million yuan is a big step every year, and it has been improved every year.

Now people praise Jiangsu Jinma Oil & Fat Technology Development Co., Ltd., saying that it has four powers: attractive to the outside, suspicious to the inside, enterprise has potential, and the boss has charm. The result is, in the final analysis, the charm of the boss. Speaking of Zhao Ronglin, the company's employees said he "has to work and not to die". He is a person who has a gastrectomy of 4/5, but can only take a rest at 11 o'clock every night. He gets up at 5 or 6 in the morning, considering the company's development, market development, product sales, and employee income. . When going out to investigate the market to discuss projects, he can rotate around the clock day and night, a distance of more than a thousand miles, he can make a round trip every day. If something is not resolved, he can solve it without eating or sleeping.

Regarding green as life, he insists on green development and ecological establishment of factories to realize the harmonious development of man and nature

"Golden Horse" is not only a creator of material wealth, but also a builder of green ecological civilization. They follow the development concept of "green, environmental protection and low carbon", and always put clean production, energy saving and emission reduction throughout the entire process of production and operation, effectively promoting the simultaneous development of economic benefits and environmental protection. The company has spent more than 10 million yuan to build domestic advanced sewage treatment facilities, and through the innovation of production technology, improve the recycling rate of waste water, greatly reducing the amount of waste water discharged. The wastewater discharge meets the control targets and discharge standards prescribed by the state.

The more than 20 acres of ecological gardens known as "Ludao" in the plant area are unique and fascinating. Ascending and overlooking, the plant area is neatly planned and the layout is reasonable. Factory buildings, high towers, flower ponds, scenic spots, green spaces, trees, and lanterns are interspersed. Walking through the factory area, as if walking in a quiet garden world.

Highly automated equipment and towering distillation tower are quietly running against the green trees. The meticulous workers are full of confidence and joy.

Here, the trees are shaded, the bamboo is like the sea, the breeze is Xulai, the bamboo shadow is swaying, swaying;

Here, there are many egrets, grey herons, white storks, grey starlings, flies and other birds. They are the "kingdom" of birds, the "paradise" of elves, and the masterpiece of the "Golden Horse People" focusing on environmental protection.

The sun rises early in the morning, and the egret dances in the evening in the evening. The workers go to the bamboo forest to relax. The egret rolls around and the birds chirp, forming an ink painting of harmony between man and nature.

Never stop, pursue excellence, "Golden Horse People" is holding up the banner of "Industrial Development, Environmental Friendly, Ecological Green" with a glorious and dream, and continue to write a new chapter of Golden Horse Ecological Green Development!

(Dai Chunyang)